Why has LibreSchemas been developed?

To be a free and permanent contribution to the Neurodiversity movement. The code and datasets in the LibreSchemas repositories can be used again in other projects without our permission (anyone can copy the code provided they adhere to the Copyleft license). Additionally, it can be a resource for learning and collaboration (a form of coproduction) besides the usual medium of social media and engagement from public services.

Why is LibreSchemas using a Strong Copyleft license rather than a Permissive License?

We want to limit a Free-rider problem whereby individuals or organisations could potentially use our software to benefit financially and not return the favour by publishing any modifications or upgrades they made as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). If you want to use LibreSchemas code in your projects then you are legally required to publish source code modifications under the same Copyleft license (FOSS).

What is the difference between NeuroSchemas and LibreSchemas?

NeuroSchemas is a Google Play and Apple App Store App developed by Shaun Vos on behalf of Dev Mindset Community Interest Company which owns the copyright. NeuroSchemas originally used the React Native framework but was converted over to the beginner friendly Expo edition of React Native so code could be ported over to LibreSchemas more easily. NeuroSchemas contains copyrighted works that Dev Mindset owns and has license to use from other providers such as stock photo images. NeuroSchemas has it's own Schemas some of which have been open sourced to the LibreSchemas datasets.
LibraSchemas is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) released under Copyleft licenses and contains only copyrighted works permitted to be used under Copyleft. Much code has been ported over from NeuroSchemas as well as much being written from scratch. LibreSchemas isn't presently in any App stores as NeuroSchemas more than serves this purpose. If LibreSchemas was to diverge from NeuroSchemas (due to new volunteer contributions) then an App store release could be warranted. For now LibreSchemas relationship with NeuroSchemas is similar to the open source Chromium Projects relationship to the Chrome Browser. The aim is to maintain software version parity between NeuroSchemas and LibreSchemas (both presently on version 1.2.1).

Why is LibreSchemas using the same Stock photos for its Schemas but different icons in LibreSchemas Client?

Some of the Schemas in LibreSchemas originate from NeuroSchemas and have been Open Sourced to the LibreSchemas project. The Schemas (written in JSON) contain URLs to the stock images which are hosted on the NeuroSchemas servers (so they are externally retrieved and outside of CopyLeft license). The icons in the LibreSchemas Client are part of the app so custom CopyLeft licensed icons had to be created.

Who controls the LibreSchemas Project?

Shaun Vos presently controls this website as main author and has admin rights (e.g. to approve changes to the LibreSchemas repositories on GitHub). If more people want to contribute then sharing the power for the benefit of all isn't an issue. If you prefer to fork (copy) the project and start your own then that is acceptable under the Copyleft licenses. We are open to collaboration and any forked modified versions of LibreSchemas can be copied in reverse back to the LibreSchemas project (Copyleft license terms).

What devices does LibreSchemas support?

LibreSchemas Client was developed using the React Native Expo framework. The client has therefore been tested to work in the Expo client App which means it is compatible with Apple IOS and Android devices. The Expo framework means the client can work on the web but there is presently a bug preventing that (most probably the LibreSchemas Server).

How can I submit Schemas to the Free and Open Source Datasets?

You can use this Excel template for now and either email us or push it into the relevant GitHub Datasets Repositories. If you are confident with the JSON file format then you can just create your own and push it into the datasets repositories. We would like to eventually create a form online that allows you to submit Schemas (any volunteers?).

Last updated: 8th August 2022

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